Training as Assistant Editor

Original Announcement

The editorial team of the Journal of Neonatal Surgery invites applications from interested Pediatric/Neonatal surgeons/trainees for the training opportunity as Assistant Editor of the JNS. Junior consultants or senior residents of pediatric/neonatal surgery with at least 5 publications will be preferred. There are 4-6 slots for this position. The assistant editors have to work with the editors of the JNS for at least 6 months. They will be given opportunities for editorial review, handling the peer-review process, copy editing the manuscripts, an overview of the Open Journal System publishing platform, publishing manuscripts, etc. Please note that this is purely an honorary position and no honorarium will be given to anyone on this position. At the end of 6 months, the Assistant editors will be given a certificate of experience as assistant editor signed by the Senior Editors of the JNS. 

To apply for the position, kindly send your CVs at 

Curriculum for Assistant Editor Training Course


6 months

Training Site:

Journal of Neonatal Surgery


Inviting application through an online advertisement on the Journal of Neonatal Surgery website


  1. Junior Consultants or Senior Residents of Pediatric Surgery /Neonatal Surgery /Pediatric Urology
  2. At least five publications

Maximum no. of Participants:

The course can enroll not more than 6 participants during one induction to give adequate exposure of the editorial work to every participant. 

Training Outcome:

  1. Certificate of attending the course/editorial work as assistant editor signed by the Senior Editors of the Journal of Neonatal Surgery
  2. Testimonial of your editorial work/capabilities
  3. Few selected Assistant editors may be allowed to work as Associate Editor, Editorial consultant, or editor of the Journal of Neonatal Surgery

Certification Criteria:

  1. Practical editorial work at the Journal of Neonatal Surgery for 6 months
  2. Achieving all milestones/tasks assigned during the course
  3. Submitting a written assignment as assigned during the course

Learning Outcomes:

This course will enable the enrolled participants to.

  1. Conduct an editorial review of the submitted manuscripts
  2. Conduct/moderate peer review process for the submitted manuscripts
  3. Copy edit accepted manuscripts
  4. Oversight/moderate production phase (layout, galleys, proofread, publishing) of the approved manuscripts  


The participants must complete these tasks as a requirement for the certification.

  1. Peer review course of Publons Academy
  2. Editorial experience of 3-5 manuscripts from submission to publication/decision
  3. Copy editing of additional 5 accepted manuscripts
  4. Peer-review of 3 manuscripts


The enrolled Assistant editors will have to complete one short written assignment on topics assigned by the mentor editors. The purpose of the assignment is to provide the assistant editors an opportunity to learn about ethics in publications, various official bodies regulating scientific journals, indexing criteria, plagiarism, journal improvement process, etc.


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